What do NFL owners truly value?

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(New York Post)

It may be a worn out debate at this point. Colin Kaepernick will likely never play football again. Many fans don’t like Kaepernick’s stance on the National Anthem and may rather keep their hard-earned money if the former 49ers quarterback suits up on Sundays. It’s just a business decision, right?

That’s a business decision just like those same 49ers releasing former first round pick Reuben Foster due to domestic violence accusations. It may hurt the product on the field, but the 49ers did the right thing. They stood behind what was right.

Foster was recently arrested for the second time this year for domestic abuse claims made by his now ex-girlfriend. Innocent until proven guilty, sure. But teams should probably let this play out before signing Foster.

As NFL teams have shown, though, the right thing isn’t always done. Foster was claimed off of waivers by the Washington Redskins — who hadn’t even called the police behind Foster’s latest arrest to check in on the details.

Foster was placed on the Commissioner’s Exempt List, barring him for participating in team activities. But what if he hadn’t been? Would he suit up for Washington this Sunday?

Each year, it gets harder and harder to watch a league that so clearly values athletic talents over people that simply follow the rules. And then there’s Kaepernick, who did nothing but stand up for what he believed in.

What gives?

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