What Adrian Peterson, Derrick Rose have in common

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It feels like ages ago now when Adrian Peterson and Derrick Rose were sports superstars. On the field, Peterson was a horse — either running past or through defenses. And on the court, Rose used finesse or power to score at will — whatever was necessary.

Time and injuries withered both of them down, however, to the point where they were counted out by most fans. After a short stint in New Orleans last season, Peterson was traded to Arizona. He showed spurts of what he used to be, but still looked nothing like his old self. It took a preseason injury to Redskins rookie back Derrius Guice to be signed this season.

It’s a similar story for Rose. After a successful campaign in Chicago that included an MVP year, Rose put in less-than-stellar years in New York, Cleveland, and Minnesota. He returned to Minnesota this season, however.

With Washington this season, Peterson has rushed for 856 yards (4.5 per carry) and seven touchdowns — by far his most since 2015. In Minnesota, Rose is averaging 18.3 points per game and has already recorded a 50-point game.

After multiple ACL and meniscus tears, Rose has essentially risen from the dead and recaptured at least some of what he used to have. Peterson, at 33 years old, hasn’t beaten the test of time but has certainly challenged it.

This recaptured magic from Rose and Peterson may not last long, but they are both good examples of why betting against past stars isn’t always the best idea.

Sports Journalism Graduate, IUPUI. Writing about money, business, electric vehicles, and more.

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