Warriors’ drama is what NBA needed

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For the past four years, the NBA has largely been dominated by the Golden State Warriors. Three championships, 60-win seasons. It hasn’t been a matter of keeping up for the competition — it’s not getting embarrassed.

Coming off a sweep in last year’s Finals, the rest of the NBA simply had to hope something would go wrong. Then, the Warriors signed four-time All-Star DeMarcus Cousins — currently ailing from a torn Achilles suffered in January. It seemed as if the Warriors were just pulling further ahead.

When the regular season started, there was only more evidence of Golden State’s stranglehold on the league — winning 10 of its first 11 games. Stephen Curry looked like an MVP candidate. Then, he got hurt. But they’ve gotten through it before.

A few days later, Kevin Durant and Draymond Green got into a heated argument on the sidelines. It’s not the beginning of the end; problems exist within even the best teams. But in sports, where winning seemingly cures all problems, it raises some questions that the Dubs’ issues rose to the surface in a public setting.

These issues may not slow the Warriors down this season. When healthy, they have the most talented roster in the league. If Durant still has issues with Green come July when he hits free agency, the rest of the league might finally have a chance to catch up.

Sports Journalism Graduate, IUPUI. Writing about money, business, electric vehicles, and more.

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