The NFL’s Scoring Explosion

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Through 12 games, three NFL teams are averaging over 30 points a game. Multiple teams finishing above 30 points per game hasn’t happened since 2012 and it’s only been done three times since 2003 (three teams also did it in 2011).

Even the challenged offensive teams are putting up more points. If the season ended today, just six teams would be averaging less than 20 points per game — the only season that would happen in Team Ranking’s database going back to 2003.

The NFL’s scoring explosion is headlined by the Kansas City Chiefs, Los Angeles Rams, and New Orleans Saints. All three of these teams have something in common that have contributed to their offensive success: elite coaching, elite quarterback play, high-level blocking, and explosive offensive weapons.

The league’s lack of a dominant defense has been a factor in the higher scoring, but there is more to it than that. Prior to this season, eight quarterbacks had finished with a passer rating of 110 or higher since 2003. This season alone, four quarterbacks are comfortably above that mark with two more in sniffing distance.

Whether it be defenses, a sudden injection of competent quarterbacks, offensive-friendly rules, or a mix of the three, offenses are on fire this season. At their current pace, Kansas City will finish with the second most points in a season all-time. Los Angeles (Rams) and New Orleans will be just shy of third place.

Defenses may win championships, but offenses have made the NFL much more fun this season.

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