Oh Where Oh Where Can My Consistency Be?

Get some guardrails up before you get off track

Dylan Hughes


Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

This is probably the first year of my life where I don’t feel like I’m competing against anybody — or competing for anything.

When competing with yourself, it’s easier to get loosey-goosey.

I’ve always been against guidelines as I feel it takes away the fun and surprising nature of success.

When everything is structured, it feels so rigid. It doesn’t feel like flow; it feels forced.

But becoming great at anything is hard — and most of the time, structure and routine are required.

I’ve written enough this year about how I disappoint myself with my writing regularity. But I’ve gotten even further off course in many parts of my life.

I weigh about 60 pounds more than I did this time last year. So many cool medium-sized shirts now sit in my closet with no usage in sight…

Some of this weight gain can be attributed to working out harder and thus, eating more food.

I definitely carry more muscle and I don’t look fat to myself in the mirror, aside from the tummy area.

I’ve indulged too much in sugary foods, alcohol, and pizza.

Recently I’ve started waking up, making some coffee, having a granola bar, then going to play golf. By the end of the round, I’ve maybe eaten a protein bar or some beef jerky.

Because of this major calorie deficit to start the day, I feel I’ve earned the ability to take an edible and go ham on some snacks.

(If you think I did earn the ability to do that, I thank you for your support.)

Perhaps it’s not too bad to spend my off days having some fun and going a little bit crazy. After all, I feel great physically, I sleep well, and my cardio is at a strong level. My resting heart rate reads as if I’m a competitive athlete.

Maybe I am… After all, my golf scores have been improving lately.

When examining my life recently, I tied it back to my golf game and how there are some differences in my progression in both respective lanes.



Dylan Hughes

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