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The hungriest Brit on the internet

Dylan Hughes


Photo via Craft and Slice

I’ve fallen in love with food this year.

And by that, I mean I’ve gotten fat.

I eat a lot nowadays. And I like watching other people eat a lot. This has led me to fall in love with food YouTube as well.

Food YouTube is a wonderful place. It allows you to travel the world through food, seeing what people all over are eating and how they prepare their dishes.

It’s also a good place to see people totally gorge themselves.

I like gorging myself. You’ll never find me in a Blue Zone, eating until I’m 80% full. I’m more likely to go to 180%. I’ll do so until I die in my 70s.

So is my new eating idol, BeardMeatsFood (or, Adam Moran).

This lovely chap gorges himself on the daily, traveling the world to test himself in new eating challenges. He accomplishes these challenges faster than almost anyone that succeeds before him.

To pursue a career in eating food, as BeardMeatsFood has, you must truly love food. These eating challenges offer very little reward; while some offer cash prizes, most are simply a free meal, a t-shirt, and a picture on the wall.

You just have to love pushing your stomach to its limits — and filling your closet with shirts that will likely become too small down the line.

Unless you’re Adam, who is as obsessed with working out as he is eating lots of food.

Not all BeardMeatsFood videos are the same. But they are all similar.

He rolls into a restaurant — usually in the UK, US, or Canada — and approaches the counter saying he wants to attempt their challenge. Sometimes they know about his plans ahead of time and prepare for his arrival.

Other times they don’t, but are super jazzed to host him.

In some videos, like the one below, an avid fan is in the building and freaks out.



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