Mac Miller’s Goodbye Note

His final, and most important, song

Dylan Hughes
4 min readSep 7, 2022


Photo by Christian Weber

Four years ago, Mac Miller passed away.

Four weeks before that, he released Swimming — the last album he’d see into the world.

Four years prior to that, he began saying goodbye.

Mac Miller’s life seemed to start going downhill in 2012 when he released Macadelic, a mixtape that marked a true turning point in his musical career. Up to that point, he was a “frat rapper” that appealed more to high school and college students.

In Macadelic, Miller showed major progress in his writing. But with this progress came sadness.

By this time, Miller had achieved fame and fortune. It’s glorious… for a time. In this mixtape, Miller recognizes the negative things that come along with fame and begins to question what his purpose in this life is.

Two years later, Miller followed up with Faces, a mixtape that showcases Mac’s depression.

The first song, “Inside Outside,” opens up with the hard-hitting line, “Shoulda died already.”

Mac discusses how he will die from a drug overdose throughout the album and even has a song entitled, “Funeral.”

Miller closes the project with “Grand Finale,” an obvious nod to an impending exit — and…



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