I’m Addicted to Food YouTube

And I’m not mad. At all.

Dylan Hughes


Photo by Lidye on Unsplash

I wish I could tell you I’m just addicted to food. I wish it was that simple.

I’m addicted to food YouTube, too.

It doesn’t take much to get here. You start dabbling in a certain substance that makes you really hungry, and you partake in said substance often.

You’re home from traveling. You have nothing better to do. It’s too easy.

You spend many nights eating more than you should past 11pm. You think back to high school when you did this same thing and were the most unhealthy you’ve ever been.

But now, you’re a lot healthier. You eat mostly trash, but you work out really hard. So you keep eating trash. Wonderful, delicious trash.

It’s partially embarrassing, but it’s a good time, so you keep going.

Over time, you realize how good at eating you are. You find some videos on YouTube about eating challenges and take a major interest.

You look at these eating challenges and go, “Eh, I could probably do that.” You start telling those around you that’d like to try an eating challenge. They support you; not because they think it’s good for you, but because they believe you could pull it off. Because you’re that elite of an eater.

But you just go back to eating in private because it’s more fun that way anyway. And you start finding more videos about more food and watch more and more.

You watch videos of the desired last meals of celebrities and good munchie spots in Brooklyn.

You watch way too many videos of Action Bronson exploring foods of all kinds around the globe.

Next thing you know, your entire YouTube feed is food videos. You’re confused, but not necessarily mad. This is who you have become.

Then you convince yourself that you, too, could start and run a successful food YouTube channel. This is the slippery slope.

This is my story. This is what can happen.

Thank you, said substance, for helping me fall in love with food again. And thank you for the extra weight for hibernation during this cold winter ahead.

Dylan Hughes is a 26-year-old freelance writer covering self-development and his life on the road as a tour manager. You can read his writing on Medium and Substack — and check out his two books on Amazon.



Dylan Hughes

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