Diary of a New England Patriots Hater — A Super Bowl Poem

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(USA TODAY Sports)

It had been two years since their last February battle

The cold-hearted general and emotional sergeant were still game

Their bodies aged but their competitiveness and will never faulted

We always rooted against them

Whether they fought us or any other enemy in the kingdom, they were always the evil ones

No matter how hard we rooted, they almost always overcame

Sergeant Matthew Thomas Ryan from Atlanta led the opposition

His men were inexperienced fighters, but hungry and ready to strike

And strike they did

The Falcons of Atlanta fought hard early and gained a massive advantage in men

Sergeant Thomas Brady never gave in, however

He led the charge back, and the Patriots of New England came out on top once more

We don’t know if they will be back

But we do know that no matter what

We will always root against the Patriots

Sports Journalism Graduate, IUPUI. Writing about money, business, electric vehicles, and more.

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