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Malls and old American neighborhoods are in the same place: dead and soon to be forgotten

Photo by Steve Harvey on Unsplash

After the end of World War II, popular media often portrayed American families as accomplished, happy, and most importantly, back together. In fact, they were really happy to be back together. …

With values soaring to the moon, card collectors are starting to get violent

In December 2020, a rare Charizard Pokémon card sold for $360,000. Early in 2021, a Michael Jordan rookie card sold for $215,000. Weeks later, the same card sold for $738,000.

During the pandemic last year, with people locked inside and looking for something to flip the mood, quarantiners turned to…

While not being annoying at the same time

Ryan Holiday
Photo via Dawson Carroll

It’s tough to imagine someone that produces as much internet content as Ryan Holiday that isn’t incredibly annoying.

Well, I can’t speak for everyone. But I think Ryan has nailed it.

If you’ve never heard of Ryan, he’s the author of books like “The Obstacle Is the Way,” “Ego Is…

Self-help won’t save you. But you should learn that on your own.

Nathaniel Drew with a camera
Photo via Nathaniel Drew

The self-help world can be incredibly comforting when you’re going through tough times. But it’s a means to an end.

YouTuber Nathaniel Drew agrees.

Drew’s opinion on self-help is ironic because he is a self-help YouTuber. …

Experience be damned, these legacy automakers are determined to win

Ford F-150 Lightning
Photo via Ford

Like it or not, vehicles are going electric. It’s a truth that legacy automotive companies have accepted. And the transition is happening fast.

This does not mean internal combustion engines will be off the roads anytime soon. …

But it took daily action to get there

Image by chenspec from Pixabay

Climbing out of the hole wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be.

Well, now that I’ve actually done it. It seemed so hard in the beginning.

I don’t have some sob story. I didn’t escape poverty. I haven’t endured racism or sexism. …

Use them as a tool for improvement, not a judge of quality

Algorithms are king on the internet
Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

Algorithms are king in the world of content.

Amazon books, Medium articles, YouTube videos, and TikToks all get fed through their own respective algorithm. These algorithms decipher the topic of the content and determine who it should be dispensed to.

If that audience doesn’t like it, the algorithm won’t promote…

Don’t do it for them

Plant blossoming from a hand, representing an idea
Photo by Ravi Roshan on Unsplash

Reading Michael Easter’s “The Comfort Crisis” made one thing abundantly clear to me: life is death.

I realize that sounds counterintuitive. Life is… life! There are living humans, living animals, and living plants. Life is alive and beautiful.

And that’s true. But Easter’s experience in nature alongside hunters showcased just…

It’s what makes us human. And it’s what makes being a human difficult.

Photo by Alexis Fauvet on Unsplash

It was desire that brought me to the lowest point of my life. Wanting girls, wanting jobs, wanting material gain. It never helped me get any of those things. It just made me miserable when I didn’t.

Reading “The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle and “Meditations” by Marcus Aurelius…

Number Crunch

The company’s shareholders aren’t very happy about it

$3.6 billion: That’s how much the father of Carvana CEO Ernie Garcia III has sold in the company’s stock since October 2020.

Garcia III spun Carvana off from his father’s used-car dealership chain, DriveTime, in Arizona. …

Dylan Hughes

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