We are what we do and we do what we are. It’s as simple as that.

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In a Tedx Talk presented in 2016, former Utah State University goalkeeper Jeannie Woller discussed the physical and mental toll she took after walking off the field for the final time.

Woller’s problem? It wasn’t losing soccer. It was losing the titles “soccer player” and “student-athlete.” When she introduced herself, she could easily pull these titles out to define and represent who she was.

That was her problem: she no longer knew how to define herself. She no longer knew who she was.

Woller’s titles at USU were socially accepted and backed by an institution of higher learning. There was…

Earthly success should not come at the detriment of our true selves

Man on a mountain
Man on a mountain
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On the surface, a practicing stoic may seem unemotional, unmotivated, and not empathetic. A stoic accepts what comes and does not judge, no matter how awful the event may seem. A stoic recognizes that the universe (nature, God, etc.) would not inflict pain or harm onto a person or people without a worthwhile reason. A stoic recognizes that pain or harm only comes from deeming something as bad (perception) — which he or she would not do.

In stoicism, dreams and hopes don’t really exist. An earthly being hoping to achieve something sets them up for potential “failure” — for…

Life can be slow or fast, singular or plural. Either one is OK.

Single flower
Single flower
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Singleness is one of mankind’s toughest obstacles. It is a state of confusion — a state where we feel lost, lonely, and like we’re not enough.

This is a feeling anyone and everyone feels at some point. Rich or poor, male or female, it is a hill everyone must climb.

The lone wolf is often a character subject to mass marvel and polarity. The lone wolf can’t possibly be happy on their own, can they? …

While useful on the road to self-love, using too many self-affirmations can isolate you

We like you too :)
We like you too :)
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In his Meditations, Marcus Aurelius wrote, “…they haven’t really hurt you. They haven’t diminished your ability to choose.”

When we face rejection in life, we often go to two places: disbelief that the rejection occurred or acceptance because we aren’t good enough anyway. These are both bad places to go.

At some point in everyone’s life, we look at our “failures” and blame ourselves. With each new failed attempt, the evidence continues to stack against us: we are not good enough. Continuing to try feels like a waste of time. We will simply fail again.

That last part is true…

As the world constantly changes, its truth never does

Mac Miller Will Never Die
Mac Miller Will Never Die
Photo by NRK P3 on Flickr

“I was more excited about him than I’ve been in quite some time.”

Jon Brion has been on the music scene for nearly 40 years, playing instruments and producing albums for the likes of Fiona Apple, Rhett Miller, and Kanye West, implanting his sound on a variety of different genres.

While Mac Miller was nothing short of a musical superstar, releasing a total of 20 projects, he was jerked back and forth by two audiences: one wanting upbeat raps and another wanting real-life stories.

Miller started to draw a line in the stand with the release of The Divine Feminine…

Quieting your ego is the easiest pathway to loving more and being happier

Happy girl on a beach
Happy girl on a beach
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In the search for happiness, it is so easy to look outside of ourselves. We turn to people, things, or substances to deliver us to the desired state.

While these outlets can offer temporary happiness (pleasure), they are not sustainable. When we are alone, these outlets cannot carry us through.

Finding happiness is achieved from within. There are many barriers to break through before truly achieving sustainable happiness (it’s not easy — I’m not completely there yet).

Accepting your past and loving yourself is the first major step. Not caring about what others think is another big one. …

Wave energy is the new way companies are trying to take advantage of what the Earth has to offer

Wave Swell Energy’s demonstrator to capture wave energy
Wave Swell Energy’s demonstrator to capture wave energy
Photo courtesy of Wave Swell Energy

In the continuing search for sustainable energy to power our Earth, the best place to look for that source of energy is pretty obvious: Earth itself.

While modern history has been powered by fuel coming from within the Earth (coal, natural gas, and oil), the next era of energy may come from what Earth has to offer on the surface.

Wind and solar energy are far from new sources of energy, but in 2019, the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) reported that only 3.7% of America’s energy consumption came from wind and solar power.

There is another outlet to capture…

With the company’s most popular vehicles turning electric, Ford has a chance to make early headway in the EV market

Ford E-Transit
Ford E-Transit
Photo via Ford

With American automaker General Motors turning its future focus to electric vehicles, the pressure is now on fellow legacy car companies to do the same. After recent comments from CEO Jim Farley, it looks as if one of those will be following suit: Ford.

Following up a good earnings report, Farley — who took over as the company’s new CEO back in October — said Ford is planning to spend $22 billion through 2025 to get themselves in the electric vehicle game. Ford originally planned to spend $11.5 billion. …

The “free market” may only be free for the rich

Wall Street
Wall Street
Photo by Sophie Backes on Unsplash

The Subreddit “Wall Street Bets” was created in 2012 when founder Jaime Rogozinski became annoyed by fellow Reddit users and market analysts calling his stock plays “too risky.” The group slowly gathered members before crossing the one million mark at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic and gaining millions more since.

r/wallstreetbets became a gathering place for retail investors young and old, sharing both dramatic gains and losses in the market. For every guy that makes a $100,000 gain from an options trade, there are four more that lost 90% of their portfolio in a day.

Outside of that, there…

Weeding-out sources of unhappiness can help sources of happiness become even more clear

Goal-setting and fear-defining
Goal-setting and fear-defining
Photo by Cathryn Lavery on Unsplash

In many ways, life is a process of elimination. We come across people we don’t like and get rid of them. We find jobs we don’t like and leave them. We make purchases we don’t like and never make them again.

This was something I didn’t realize until I read Matthew McConaughey’s book, “Greenlights,” and started thinking.

Throughout the book, McConaughey has a bunch of sticky notes posted with different wisdom. One of them is titled “process of elimination and identity,” which says:

The first step that leads to our identity in life is usually not I know who I…

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Sports Journalism Graduate, IUPUI. Writing about money, business, electric vehicles, and more.

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