4 Lessons I’ve Learned in 25 Years

Because 25 lessons is too many

Dylan Hughes


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I published “23 Lessons I’ve Learned in 23 Years” on my 23rd birthday two years ago.

Those lessons still stick with me today. But now, on my 25th birthday, I’ve learned a lot more.

I don’t have 25 lessons for you. But I do have four big ones.

Be Where Others Are

I thought I was suffering during my four years at Walmart.

It felt so below me. I was working so hard to cover up for other people’s laziness. And I was being run into the ground.

But once I left that job to work from home, I realized how much I needed to be around others.

I was miserable for the last few months of my freelance writing job. Some of it was because the work wasn’t fulfilling. But a lot of it was because the only people I was seeing on a daily basis were my parents.

At Walmart, I talked to tens of people a day — some coworkers, some customers. I liked talking to most of my coworkers. It was a diverse group of people — young and old, American and foreign, male and female. There were new discussions every day, many of which felt productive.

Losing that daily social interaction slowly tore me apart. I felt so lonely and lost, tucked inside my house with no variance in my daily schedule.

When my friend Dave introduced me to a potential job opportunity that would allow me to travel and meet tons of new people, I knew it was exactly what I needed.

Now, I talk to hundreds of people on a weekly basis and am constantly in a new environment. It has its challenges, but being surrounded by so many great people makes it worth it.

People are annoying sometimes. But you don’t know how important they are to your mental health until you live without them for a while.

Exercise During the Morning or Evening



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